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Our work:

Our team specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive political and policy strategies for our clients.  We create strong synergies and coalitions between producers and workers to build successful and durable partnerships that lead to policy successes that benefit all.

Won reforms to DOD procurement practices to promote domestic rare earth supply chain

Led a successful effort to include language in the National Defense Authorization Act that will prohibit Pentagon use of Chinese rare earths and allow for the development of a domestic mines-to-magnets rare earth supply chain to meet our national defense needs.

Building the future at home with stronger domestic preferences

Has been and continues to be one of the foremost firms in the development and expansion of domestic content "Buy America" preferences for a huge range of infrastructure investments from water infrastructure to clean energy development.

Addressing Climate Change for American Workers

Developed, coordinated, and participated in a successful effort to ensure that energy and climate legislation included a comprehensive transition assistance package for manufacturers that contained a border adjustment enforcement mechanism.  Continues to ensure that this key piece of the puzzle is retained in any and all energy and climate packages.

Steel works

Secured Presidential Action to Support Domestic Aluminum and Steel to Protect National Security

Fostered public support and awareness for presidential action to implement "Section-232" relief for steel and aluminum imports. This resulted in vital presidential trade enforcement actions to protect the U.S. defense industrial base.

Ensuring Critical Infrastructure Supports American Workers

Successfully shaped and advocated for inclusion of critical “Buy America” requirements for our largest federal-aid water infrastructure programs.  Since enactment of those requirements, the American water infrastructure industry has invested significant sums in support of expanded production and good jobs across the country.

Man Fixing Pipe

 'Unprecedented' Commerce Action in Trade Case

Successfully advocated for unprecedented U.S. Commerce Department action to impose higher dumping margins on imports of steel pipe used in oil extraction from South Korea. Without action by Commerce, Korean steel pipe would continue to use unfairly priced Chinese steel to undercut American producers.

Rebuilding U.S. technlogical leadership with the CHIPS Act.

Supported and shaped development and passage of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 to foster longterm U.S. technological leadership in critical semiconductor technologies. Successfully advocated for Congressional and Executive support for memory and data storage as a key semiconductor technology sector that underpins the modern global economy and U.S. national security systems.

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